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Our Program

We have both a Spring and a Fall session, each consisting of 10 weeks. Each session is independent from the other. In each session, your 8 highest scores are counted for standings. "Handicap Yardage Group" winners are recognized weekly. "Hi Gun" and "Modified Lewis" are available options.

The program consists of 50 targets: 25 from the 16 yard line and another 25 from your handicap yardage. If you are a new shooter with our league, your handicap will be determined by (1) your known ability, (2) your highest yardage attained in any other league, (3) your ATA yardage (if you have one established). New shooters with no record at all will be designated as 20-yard shooters. After 3 weeks, their scores will be reviewed by the handicap committee and their "Heart of Maryland" handicap yardage will be assigned.


The "Heart of Maryland Trap League" has set up the following pricing structure. The entry fee each week is $19.00 for adults, while Jr's and Sub-Jr's entry fee is only $10.00. Juniors who opt to play the Lewis or Hi Gun will be charged the adult rate of $19.00. Options available to all shooters are "Modified Lewis" at $7.00 and "Hi Gun" at $2.00. Following this structure, an adult who plays both the "Lewis" and the "Hi Gun" options will pay a total of $28.00 each week.

You are again reminded that you don't have to belong to any particular club to shoot with our league. All are welcome! Safe shooting is the important point. Click here to e-mail the Heart of Maryland Trap League if you have any questions.


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